On one of my many extensive journeys, I befriended a man called Grey.
I wasn’t too sure if that was his real name.
From the outside he looked like everybody else.
There was nothing spectacular about this man.

His abode was a broken tent in the dusty dry desert.
His appearance was extremely humble.
Everything he did, he took his time with.
For him there was no rush.

In some ways he reminded me of myself very laid back and easy going.
When I was in his presence it seemed as if time stood still.
One morning he was particularly quiet.

I became impatient with him as I needed to continue my journey.
All I wanted from him was some information.
But something told me not to go; to hang around a bit longer.

That night we broke bread and shared a meal.
I sat in awe at this man’s amazing wisdom as he began speaking to me.
He had a brilliant way of imparting knowledge.

He was a genius who I likened to a modern day Solomon.
I lived with him for about a month.

When I finally said my goodbyes, I promised him I would return.
One year had passed on.
And I never knew that I would see him so soon.

The man I knew was no more.
He didn’t recognize me and kept forgetting things.
His face seemed blank and it looked as if he was staring into nothing.

This man, my friend and mentor couldn’t recall my name.
What happened to you my friend?
He had become a prisoner of his own mind.
Tears began to fall down my face like a waterfall.
I guess he became like a child in his old age. I prayed looking for answers but none was forthcoming.
I left my friend’s place a broken man.
I never returned after that day.
I could not bear to see him in that way.

I heard much later that he left this world.
Farewell my friend, you’re at peace.
You are whole again and so is your mind.