The electorate is getting wise

What I enjoyed about our last election is the great deal of participation by the citizens of this country via social media and on air to express their opinions. Some were heated, others vulgar but many were sensible. Politicians felt very threatened and exposed because of Twitter (not my choice), face book and on radio talk shows. In the past, we relied on slow print media.

Corrupt and race hating politicians loathe an educated electorate. The number of people engaging on social media is many times more than the number of people attending EFF rallies for goodies.
We must keep up the momentum to hold government accountable.
Well done to the many opionatas for keeping us up to date on the pre-election scenarios via the electronic news channels on our smart phones. The news and opinions were on our phones before we could blink our eyes.
Educating the masses is the only way to stop corrupt politicians from getting away with murder.
Politicians must come to their senses and realise that the electorate is no longer going to fall for their lies. The fact that 50% of eligible voters did not vote is a clear message to politicians that half the electorate no longer trusts them.

Malema and Hlaudi were deluded into thinking that they will be the country’s next President because they were taken by surprise by the fifty percent of eligible voters who gave them the middle finger by not voting in this election.

Politicians need to be wary of the rapidly growing educated electorate in this country. They will have to up their game if they want to win back their confidence for the next election.

(All views and opinions expressed is of Dr. EV Rapiti)