We have become so accustomed to the big voice in the room, the big man in the house and the self-appointed ‘leader of the free world’ that we are stunned by the unravelling of the Empire, because like all other empires, they will have us believe they will be here till ‘Jesus Christ returns.’ Alas, history has shown us that all empires are destined to be defeated by their hubris, their lies, their self-created fiat currency system and indeed, their hand. It is indeed the greatest irony that the American Empire, built of the erroneous belief system of white supremacy, whiteness, racism that the deification of white people, has a white man in charge of its undoing.

Like ancient Rome before it, each Caesar believed that Rome will last forever, in fact, that it was Rome’s destiny to rule the world. Fast forward 1500-years and we heard the same soliloquy from every British Lord and conqueror, that ‘the Sun will never set on the mighty British Empire’ because it rules the waves. A reference to the British naval prowess at the time, yet today, the British navy is roughly the same size as the little known Arab protectorate, Qatar, barely able to defend its coastline. Well, the Sun surely has set on the British Empire, it was ‘Empire creep’ or overreach and a war with Germany that finally settled that score, proving history right time and time again.

In its first flush post World War II, the Americans had devised a global plan for itself of economic domination, military might, dozens of overseas military expeditions and the delusional notion of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ marketing campaign, better characterised as propaganda that pushed it to global prominence. It warehoused the world’s currencies in its dollar, guaranteed the Saudis protection as long as everyone bought oil in dollars and purchased the worlds brightest minds all in the interests of building an impregnable Empire, unlike anything the world had ever seen before. Its bourses were the richest and the most powerful, it gigantic factories producing ‘American is Great’ products from cars to ketchup, clothing brands to key rings. Its juggernaut of a marketing arm, the fast-food chains made us all proud to be owners of anything remotely American, including those silly key rings, it housed the richest banks and the strongest financial institutions boasting the mightiest GDP of any country in human history.

It defeated it’s only natural for, the mighty Soviet Union by simply outspending them and shipped around fragments of the Berlin Wall to show off its abilities to the world and display its seemingly endless prowess. But looking back, it forgot two things, it failed to recognise that it’s marketing of Empire was so stunningly successful, others like a revitalised Russia and an ever-growing China gazed upon it and took those well-earned economic lessons in Capitalism to heart, studied the Empire, how it functions, paid its eager economic emissaries and learnt from them. It also forgot that history, the only truthful and neutral ‘invisible hand’ doesn’t forget how you treat the least among you. The Empire forgot that it still chained and abused 15% of its population, the black people from whom the Empire stole and extorted almost a $1 trillion in unearned slave labour, the very monies that powered the Industrial Revolution on which the British Empire relied so much and later the Americans. 

It was Luca Pacioli, the 15th-century Franciscan friar and mathematician, credited with inventing the double accounting method who could’ve told them that what happens in the one column must of necessity happens in the opposing one. In other words, the first mantra of economics says, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”. 

So whilst they continued abusing the black minority, it seems the ‘Universal Law of Requital’ has finally caught up with them and so the Empire has turned its much-feared armed forces against itself. For the first time in its existence after having occupied, invaded or waged war with more than half of the countries in the world, the Empire is occupying itself, because black people who are routinely subjected to systemic abuse and murder, together with white people have risen up against the Empire and forcing it to face its sins, misdeeds and frailties. It is no longer so brave and has never really been free, but it is like all Empires before it very, very scared right now…