I was born with a healthy body.
Growing up I was extremely agile.
I participated in most sports.
My home was adorned with all my gold medals and trophies.
Years later I met my soulmate, or so I thought!
We tied the knot in a tiny ceremony.
I was ecstatic and couldn’t be happier.

At that time we had no children.
I was an astute businessman.
You could say ten out of ten.
My wife was a part-time accountant.
What more could I ask for?
My life was beautiful right down to the core.

One day I felt a sharp pain searing through my whole body.
I didn’t take any notice of it because it went away.
It seemed to have lasted merely a day.

The following morning though the pain returned!
This time it was so much worse,
that all I could do while holding on for help is curse and curse.

I thought that I had a stroke, turns out it wasn’t one.
I couldn’t move!
All I remember is my wife rushing me to hospital.
The Doctors examined me from top to toe
And just when I thought I was ready to go,
I felt a cold steel plate on my semi-naked body
and this machine checking my internal organs.

They also thought that I had a stroke but
Days later they gave my wife and I the shocking news.
I was completely paralyzed because of the hardening of the body tissue.
I have Multiple Sclerosis and I wouldn’t be able to walk again.
Well, I thought to myself – What now?
I am meant to be independent but how?
My partner deserted me even though I had the disease.
And struggle along was all I could do when my mind could not put my worries at ease.

The Doctor told me that I would be using a wheelchair.

I can say I took the news extremely hard.
At times I contemplated suicide. Because what is the point of living when it’s such a lonely ride?

I was discharged from the hospital.
I acquired a nurse and a companion to see me through those trying days when my spirit was at an all-time low.
Sometimes just thinking about it is like a low blow.

What a cross to bear!
But I am happy even though it doesn’t seem like it.
My motto is this life is too short to bear grudges.
And one day I shall embrace life the way I used to and that’s what’s keeping me going.