Is this the last of the ANC?

Back in the early nineties with the collapse of Communism and the dissolution of the old Soviet Union, ex-President Nelson Mandela strode out of Victor Verster Prison- a man destined to lead South Africa into a glorious future of racial harmony, economic growth and peace across the land-overshadowed by the mythical “Rainbow Nation” narrative. 

It was the dawn of a new age, the ANC top-heavy with eager technocrats and brilliant academics destined to reshape South Africa in the image and likeness of that seminal document, The Freedom Charter. After 350-years of organised, sustained oppression on an industrial scale, black and brown people could finally live out their lives in peace and prosperity, cheek by jowl with their former white oppressors.

Under Nelson Mandela, the first black President of a brand new Republic, we won the World Cup Rugby in 1995. A year later the African Cup of Nations! All was well in Azania as the revitalised in spirit black people forgave their erstwhile oppressors, and white people stopped fleeing overseas to colder climates, realising that the expected bloodbath wasn’t going to happen.

After Mandela died,  Mbeki replaced him and was subsequently ousted in a soft “coup” and then came Zuma. Zuma’s claim to fame was allowing brown people, instead of white people to loot the state- and who himself was ousted by a soft-spoken billionaire businessman who re-promised us all the things Mandela did, all of the 26-years ago.

The problem with our current President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa isn’t a lack of credentials, a short supply of leadership skills, nor uncertain credibility within a now clueless ANC.- It is that he has a committed constituency, dedicated to keeping him in power- To get their turn at the state trough and continue to transfer more than R40 billion overseas annually.  They just happen to be the white capital class, unelected, voracious and predatory, they’re happy to strip the country of its vital assets with no desire to go the long route of first investing, then receiving their ROI. 

Nope, it’s better to stand on the shoulders of previous white capitalists predators, and continue the “devaluation of the country!” It’s done through the wholesale, often brazen theft of its assets, and Matamela fiddles whilst the thieves are at play. 

Here is the ultimate “Manchurian” candidate foisted on a politically fatigued majority with zero appetites to fight anymore, and more compliant to the edicts of a captured state than at any time in our long, sordid history. We, have all but “surrendered” the land to the barbarians!  These people are now living amongst us protected by a “caretaker” president who is not short of his cut of the takings! 

The much anticipated new 2021 budget, due in a few days, will see very little change in it that could improve the lives of the average black South African! See, another smaller, more deadly and unseen Cyril has entered the fray, and that Cyril is unfailingly, indiscriminately and relentlessly ruthless in grinding the economy to a screeching halt.

Covid-19 hasn’t killed more people than say tuberculosis or poverty; it’s just exposed the ANC government and the white capital class for who they are. This exposure reminded South Africans that the ANC of the sixties died in exile, and on Robben Island, to be effortlessly replaced by black doppelgangers. 

Folks, forget the promises of half-a-million jobs, massive infrastructure projects and economic growth to rival China. The ANC playbook is chock-full of ingenious concepts, brilliant plans, and seminal strategies so good they could change the world if they had the resources and the political will. It’s easier to lay pipes for water and sewage but control the taps. 

Easier to lay down the power lines, whilst load shedding rages on.

Far easier to steal monies allocated for clinics, farms, roads and footbridges instead of going through all the efforts of collaborating with white companies and skimming commissions, kickbacks and royalties.

Easier to profit off disasters like Covid, strip billions from IMF and local banks funding, than go through the laborious process of assisting small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Easier to ruin the country through wholesale theft than building up the country through those grand plans and carefully thought out strategies. 

After all, you can always create “endless” commissions of enquiry into areas of rampant corruption, and look as if you doing something about it even while it benefits you and your band of brigands?

The deteriorating situation around almost irreversible climate change mirrors the rampant gluttony, and acquisition of wealth on the part of the white billionaire oligarchs, with its black “rent boys” with no end in sight. 

We don’t need to wait for a dramatic end, because the final countdown has arrived and hopefully it will spell the death of the ANC…