We live in a world where the main meal on the menu is money and power.

The more money and power we have, the greater our status in this life.

We punish the poor and the marginalised by putting up these exorbitant prices- just to fill our already overflowing coffers and pockets.

We even dare to steal from the down-trodden to enrich ourselves. We lie in wait for our next prey to come along and pounce. Those people don’t even realise that they have become the victim of our insatiable greed for money and power.

But we call ourselves Christians and sit in the front row of those churches and temples. 

What kind of people are we? We want others to notice us, but why should they? In truth, we wade through the same dark and murky river as our predecessors.

Our greed for money and power burns a hole in our pockets. We are far too blind to see it. Though we can see, the scales on our eyes prevents us from seeing what kind of people we have become.

We suck the lasts bits of blood out of others, like a vampire waiting in a dark cave, we just don’t seem to care who we trample on.

As long as we have the glory and truth be told, it’s a “false” kind of glory. The glory won’t last forever.

Sooner or later, the rod that we walk with will be taken away from us, then we will sit on the filthy pavements with our head between our legs and cry like babies.

I can see our injustices that we belt out to a man; it really and truly stinks. And much like a rotten apple, the rot is at the core. 

But then again, I am not here to judge us because we have already 

done that ourselves.

Can we truly justify that what we are doing is right?