The jury sat for days contemplating my final fate though the room was warm the stench of the coldness of death was slowly seeping under that door but each time it was a hung jury.

You could hear the people outside shouting and vying for my blood and true justice. We don’t want this monster in our society shouted” I started to survey this matchbox room with no ventilation at all.  All that I could see was this tall, lanky man in a black cloak pacing up and down waiting in sheer anticipation for that guilty verdict. 

A verdict that would finally put the nail into my coffin you could see that he was extremely agitated as if he was pressed for time.  Besides him, I saw my wife sitting, with tears rolling down her face. Even the hungry vultures were perched on the fence scanning the lonely skies.

For a verdict, so they could swoop down and devour my carcass. They flew away with questions in their eyes. Their meal was not ready yet even the judge looked puzzled. Everyone was asking what the problem was, let us now move on. He is guilty throw that monster in prison or hang him from the gallows, some of them shouted in the hallways of the courts.

A few of them said amongst themselves surely, he could be innocent we cannot send an innocent man to prison it won’t be fair. If that’s the case that isn’t justice. Guilty was written all over his face a week went by when someone shouted from the inside of the halls of justice.

‘They reached a verdict’ the mood inside that room was very sombre. They handed the verdict to the judge the silence was deafening. The verdict was read out loud ‘innocent by reason of insanity.

Was I innocent? You decide.