Since the dawn of time, the innocent was always the guilty ones. They could be an innocent bystander, a person crossing the road, a child playing in the backyard, a neighbour greeting her/his other neighbour. And the lists go on.

But somehow man will always swing that guilty sword towards them. Could be out of jealousy, envy, malice or to prove their power over them.

How many of those innocent are languishing behind those cold steel bars waiting for justice to shine upon them but no such a thing? 

Because of our distorted way of thinking we will crucify that person and send them to the horrific gallows.

For no amount of pleading and wailing of tears will set them free. Their fate is sealed by man’s inability to fight for them and let justice prevail.

Because the law says so or man’s word says that they are guilty then so shall it be. Man has become their judge, jury, and executioner. 

Well, the so-called innocent walk free and still carry on committing the most atrocious deeds against his fellow man.

Where is the justice in all of this? 

Isn’t man proven innocent until all the facts are laid bare on that wooden table?

The so-called innocent will always cry foul.

The guilty will never take full responsibility for their actions. More than two thousand years ago man crucified the innocent one out of sheer jealousy and spite. Could this man’s death have been prevented? 

I cannot say for I wasn’t there. For he died the cruellest of deaths only meant for those that had committed the vilest of crimes.

I pray that swift justice is theirs soon.