All Western politicians and by extension their governments are indebted to the white capital/billionaire class because of the prohibitive costs of running for power. In effect, this makes every corporate sponsor a de facto shareholder in the Government.

In response to the unprecedented impact the lockdown of South Africa had on the economy (not the human devastation caused by Covid-19), the ANC government hastily borrowed R70 billion from the IMF. The money was, according to the President, meant to improve the effects of the pandemic.  I have to say, that a “struggling weary,” South African population, were hoodwinked by the rapaciously corrupt ANC government! 

Let’s have a look at the sequence of events leading up to martial law (let’s stop calling it a lockdown), declared in February 2020.

The World Health Organisation had by October 2019, formulated a global strategy to deal with the possible -now aptly named Covid-19  pandemic. It provided member countries with a host of “possible” options, with the last one on the table being the declaration of martial law and punitive curfews by its members. Each country, had according to the severity of the disease, and preventative measures, their own set of rules, because the World Health Organisation isn’t the “Global Ministry of Health,” and lacks any enforcement mechanisms. Simply put, each Government could choose what to do as long as they were aware of their debt covenants to the Western global banking class and the terrible twins, The World Bank and the IMF. After all, why should a mere pandemic get in the way of generating money?

It became apparent to the ANC Government, and the other shareholders of South Africa Inc, (the white capital class and its partners), that a “hard lockdown” could present far more money-making opportunities. A country such as Sweden managed the pandemic by slowing down the economy, but this would have meant less money. 

The declaration of martial law allowed the ANC government to become de facto dictators and opened up massive opportunities for quick cash generation in PPE to the tune of billions of rands, right down to flying in emergency equipment, parts and spares for critical hospital equipment and millions of litres of sanitisers. Under a state of martial law, the Government can enact any legislation it wishes, take any extra-legal action and borrow any amount of money it wishes, under the guise of a Covid-19 Rescue Package to “save the businesses from potential collapse and the lives of its citizenry.”

A business rescue package is an ultimate desire or “wet dream” of any capitalist. And, though they hate admitting it and often promote the false notion that it’s ordinary people that “constantly” want things for free-  when tax relief laws offered to businesses is the very definition of the proverbial “free lunch.”

The “largest” portion of all rescue packages from the Marshall Plan, to Obama’s 2008, so-called “quantitative easing” (read 6 trillion dollars of bailouts for the banking class), is allocated to, and for the express purpose of the businesses that experience or may experience future losses. The lowly poor and middle-class income groups of the population invariably pay for it through future taxation- this amounts to the unethical enrichment of the white capital class, simply because they are in charge of the means of production and because they’re white. Think of it as white privilege on steroids, and you begin to see the picture folks.

Thus, Matamela was provided, with the best opportunities of repaying his outstanding debt to the likes of Bidvest and white vested interests with nary a whimper from the struggle fatigued population of South Africa, now thoroughly blindfolded by their daily sodden existence. 

Do not think the lockdown was for our health and wellbeing, and that the IMF demonstrated magnanimity with its generous Covid bailouts. If this is what you are thinking then I’m afraid you’ve spent too much time drinking the “Koolaid,” and you’re occupying a fabricated world designed, and constructed for slaves of the indentured variety.

Sadly, no one will ask any “heavy” questions, and we will all fixate on Covid fatalities, not unlike the scare tactics they employed on us circa 1984 with the discovery of the HIV. Rinse and repeat folks.

“Politicians will be seen as more honest if they started wearing the labels of their donors like Nascar drivers display the logos of their sponsors” 

-Jeremy Scahill