League as a noun is a collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for mutual protection or cooperation.

Most people interested in sports have heard about the Ivy League, irrespective of the type of sports- to qualify to become a part of a league reflects your ability to be among the best in a particular sport. The sportspeople guaranteed to gain a victory over their opponents.

There is another Ivy League that exists that has nothing to do with sports but instead consists of ordinary people who aren’t interested in winning but assisting.

South Africa has nine provinces, and the people belonging to this Ivy League live in most of them. You don’t need to be famous to join nor wealthy. The only requirements are the willingness to care about humanity and to love your neighbour as you love yourself. No, it’s not some “60’s hippy compound,” but a league so strong that not even a powerful Government can topple it. It’s the league of the Ivermectin angels. Ivy League is the term I am using to avoid censorship and “being shut down” on social media.

These Ivy Leaguers work day and night under tremendous pressure and stress to get assistance out to those in desperate need of it. From big cities to small towns, the Ivy Leaguers come together when someone needs help, and, often at enormous cost to themselves, both financially and personally, they plot and plan to save lives.

Quietly and efficiently working “behind the scenes,” like a Hollywood blockbuster, they jump on what needs “doing,” but unlike a movie, their actions continue 24/7. While the world is quietly sleeping, the Ivy League is busy planning how to get assistance to those in need. They use courier companies to deliver goods, expend vasts amounts of petrol, energy and time to assist one person, and most of the time they succeed.

I’ve often thought about how wonderful life would be if we used the same efficiency and energy to rid the world of greed, racism and poverty.

The Ivy Leaguers seemed to have set aside their ego’s and their needs to focus on the people of this country. They seemed to have gotten the formula of Ramaphosa’s Thuma Mina (send me) campaign of 2019 right; the campaign aims to improve service delivery with the help of South Africans. The call is for patriotism and all South Africans “to work together” to build a new and improved South Africa.

There is no wealthy benefactor behind them! They are ordinary people utilizing their own money and the bits received from donations to help people in need.

The Ivy League members are always on standby, ready to dispatch the help when a call for help is received. Often, because of the “third wave” we are currently in, there are several calls at once, yet their feathers never seem ruffled. Instead, they summon even more energy, understanding that time is of the essence and every moment counts. The flurry of activity behind the scenes has dizzying effects, and it is the same each day, every day.

Sadly, the only time there is a moment of silence is when they hear of a death. For just a moment, they down tools and honour the passing of a soul. Then it’s back to the business of educating, informing, assisting! They are like ants, always on the go, always working, taking turns to sleep and quietly acknowledging their fellow Ivy League members.

The Ivy League using Ivermectin helped so many people that they have lost count of the numbers, but I am part of those numbers, alive today because the above is just what they did when I reached out for help.