Though the air was crisp, and a few birds were circling the ancient blue skies, you would swear that I would be celebrating the birth of summer after all he is a party animal. But not this time man sought the ultimate truth and true justice.

In this room, the smell of death was slowly but surely filtering through the tiny air vents, not a smile creased their faces. All you could see was hunger on their faces.  A man in a black cloak was pacing up and down those wooden pine floors.

I knew that in my heart I was innocent so why all the wait and suspense. And that they had arrested the wrong person, but it wasn’t up to me. I trusted the jury to set me free so that I could go home.

I looked out of that tiny window I could see those hungry vultures perched on that twisted rusted fence. Besides those vultures I saw a man digging a grave, in my mind, I thought that it wasn’t for me, but I was so mistaken.

Not long after that they read out the verdict, I still stood there tall and proud, The verdict was guilty as charged at that moment in time my soul sank into an everlasting filthy river. With no plea bargains or redemption, there was total silence when I left that room.  Well man got what they wanted, in truth, I still believe that I am innocent.