There is a big difference between agitating for change to benefit everyone and whining for change for yourself.

Whining is generally attributed to a child that wants something that has been denied to them. Followed closely by tantrums that are designed to wear you down as a parent and you are then faced with two possibilities. You can simply accede as a way of shutting down the whining or you can stand firm and say no while explaining that the world does not revolve around the child. It’s a teachable moment to make your child less selfish because selfishness is learned.

Coming back to our present situation during this lockdown designed to save lives and not take it away, I have realized just how selfish some people are.

The world revolves around all of us, we all have a place in the sun, yet some, if it was possible, would grab the sun just to keep it shining on them.

It’s pathetic, it’s mean and horrible to watch that while poor people are standing in queues for food parcels or the little bits of grant money, there are people whining about being able to surf, swim or cycle.

As if the temporary shutdown of those activities would result in death.

I’ve always advocated living consciously, to be mindful of others, and to count your blessings. When you whine as an adult all it does is show the world how nasty you are. 

There’s no joy in “whiners” lives and often I wonder why when they have more than most, its still not enough.

We all know the whiners so well, they are the ones who try push forward in the queue at the supermarket, the “I want to see the manager,” type people that often don’t smile, they’re rude to cashiers, will moan about Government and the poor as if they are personally being told to remunerate those that don’t have. They pay their taxes then expect a member of Parliament to personally give an account for every cent Government spent. Such is their over-inflated opinion of themselves and it’s so tiring to watch.

The “long lip dragging the floor syndrome,” is so evident in suburbia. In my opinion, I don’t think they’re happy inside. How can they be happy when they constantly whine about everything and the only time, they are content is probably when they’re asleep.

I’m reminded of a world-famous singer who wanted to hold his concert under the stars at Sun City. He was told it’s not a good idea but refused to listen and would not set up inside the Super Bowl. When it was time for him to perform, he started the concert then flounced off stage and refused to go back on unless people somehow got rid of all the mosquitoes that were out that night. Such is the ridiculous demands that the adoring fans who paid a fortune to watch him were kept waiting for more than an hour while his manager and entourage convinced him to go back on.

The whining currently sweeping our country has nothing to do with the “whiners” needs but their wants. They want what they want to the detriment of others. That’s not activism that is tantrums and when they are arrested or told off for breaking the law, then the inevitable tears follow and now everyone must sit up and take note because some Becky, Karen, or Susan is crying and has to go for counselling because they can’t do what they want to do.

This won’t be the end of it though because tomorrow there will be something else to moan about, to find fault with and to start again on that long, whining road that leads to nowhere but an inevitable break down and some 2 minutes of fame in a news slot while the world looks on and shake their heads in dismay.

“One great way to make your life unnecessarily hard and difficult is to assume that the world revolves around you”

– Henrik Edberg