Who is this man that every time passes by me wearing that invisible facial mask?

What is he hiding from or ashamed of?

Why doesn’t he want me to see the real him? Is his soul so riddled with lies, deceit, pretentiousness, greed and no compassion?

He walks about as if he owns the streets or pavements that he walks on. Man admires him for what he does, but deep down, he is rotten to the core.

They shower him with mortal accolades, and he laps it up, but they don’t know the real him because there is no sympathy or honesty in his body. He preaches the false gospel to mortal man, and even his children are blinded by his faults.

He steps on every man’s foot and doesn’t care who suffers in the end. His only motto in this life is to enrich himself at the expense of others.

He is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Humans are so gullible they continue to listen to him. He treats them like scorn as if they did him wrong.

His entire existence is the past because he wants justice from it. But he doesn’t know the past is dead buried deep in the graves of Mother Earth.

He takes the little that others get or have thought it is his right. Yes, he is the modern-day bounty hunter. 

Do you see yourself in this man?