The feminist movement has grown so successfully over the past 50-years or so, their message so resolute, consistent, and clear that it has just about drowned out male voices. Not for good reason because patriarchy and misogyny continue unabated even though we live in a world overwhelmed by information in all the disciplines of human pursuit and human endeavours. Of course, you would be hard-pressed to find a fourth wave feminist admitting as much because their work remains largely uncompleted and ignored even. The systemic contagion of male patriarchy proving to be more resistant to a cure than all the plagues of humankind combined.

So below is a list of issues that deeply affects men black and white men, with some issues more prone to affecting black men as follows:

The hierarchical abuse of men through the use of “gaslighting” by their seniors at work

The unacceptably high rate of male gender mutilation

The victims of domestic gender abuse (it is expected that males just suck it up).

The victims of female domestic abuse and violence

The victims of female sexual abuse (by older females and is dismissed as a “rite of passage”

The victims of sexual abuse by older males (men are socialized not to speak up about these things).

False paternity suits

The false allegations of predatory sexual behaviour.

The false allegations of rape.

Cases of misandry.

Men represent more than 78% of the worldwide suicide rate.

There are more workplace deaths of males than females.

Men experience a lower life expectancy than females.

Men are forcibly conscripted into the armed forces.

Men are overwhelmingly more likely to die, be maimed or tortured in wars (there are 75 global conflicts at the moment).

The prison population is overwhelmingly made up of men.

Sentencing disparities between males and females for the same crimes.

Criminal court biases

Child custody battles.

More men are homeless by an order of magnitude than women are.

Men mainly experience post-war veteran issues.

Men suffer from PTSD more than women do.

Men experience greater societal pressure to succeed than women do.

Men experience higher levels of substance abuse.

Men are subject to higher levels of substance addiction.

Men experience a disproportionate amount of mental illness prejudice.

There are almost no shelters for abused men in the United States. 

Men experience greater instances of racial discrimination

Male trauma and emotional issues are largely ignored by society.

It is not that male issues are of necessity more important than female issues, it is just a pity that gender and societal issues are not dealt with in a holistic and non-partisan way. It helps no cause more or less if it appears that the one is favoured above the other, as the ordinary person’s experiences are for the most part similar and mirror each other in ways sometimes hard for each gender to admit to. Whilst I am not advocating a “one-issue” approach, I am suggesting it is time the sexes spoke to each other instead of past each other, even though “men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.”