Out of nowhere, this pandemic came like a silent wind. It sent a man into a total frenzy. No questions asked and no answers coming forth.

Then the world was standing still with this terrible unheard of lockdown. Man, couldn’t go anywhere even the church doors were closed.

It felt like heaven didn’t want our constant moans and groans. Even our prayers seem to be unanswered.

It felt like we were living in some strange world. There were many days of sheer lamenting. This pandemic took away our very will to live that our souls were tired and grieving with insurmountable pain that no man can get rid of.

Then the unforeseen happened those terrible masks arrived now we are stuck with it. Everywhere I look, I see people wearing these insane masks.

A mask that we cannot even breathe through. The only air we can inhale is carbon dioxide which reeks like death.

We were going to and fro to find empty graves to bury the dead. But in truth, there were not enough graves.

We looked like aliens from another dimension with this mask on our faces.

In truth, what is this pandemic telling us?

What will be the next forecast in this terrible journey of ours? And no mortal man is exempt from it.

Or is the mighty heavens telling us something? For one, I cannot say only time will tell.

Is this pandemic a way of washing away our insurmountable iniquities? Who knows?

I hope and pray we make it.