There is a masked ball

That we all

Are invited to attend

On condition we amend

And suppress

Even depress

Our natural instincts 

we were born with

By “buying into” the myth

That, wearing masks everywhere we go.

Will slow

Down the spread of disease

And so, will you please

Heed the call

And attend the ball

But only if you complete the task

Of social distancing and wearing a mask

Designed to deter

Being sick, but only if you stay a meter

Away from anyone resembling people

And become a part of the “sheeple”

The herd mentality

To bring about neutrality

And take us back to normal after a time

In the meantime, learn to mime

Your wants and needs

Only having a respite when you feed

Yourself and nourish your body

And after that, you don’t have to worry

Because they say if we listen, we will live

But isn’t that what we’ve been doing, so what gives?

The masked ball we have to attend

Will only end

When we receive a shot

Of goodness knows what

Concoction was mixed

To supposedly fix

Our bodies that weren’t broken

Not to worry, it’s a token

To show the powers that is in charge

Just how people at large

Could be manipulated to understand,

That there is nothing underhand

About the scare tactics used when we are asked

To shut up and obey by wearing a mask

As if we are attending a dance

A dance to give us a chance

To live life as we did before 2020

When we used to have plenty

Of freedom and air

The years before the big scare

Where attendance to masked balls was a choice we made

Charity events where we paid

Money for a good cause

Now emergency laws

Are put in place for us all

Where we, reluctantly, with a cloth around our faces, have to attend THEIR mask ball.