The contestation between the races, white and black continues unabated for 500-years now with the overall advantage of innovation, ideation, actualisation and the creation of 21st century society firmly to the good of people we have been socialised to believe are superior in intellectual and physical make up to as and whom we to call white people.

Their (white people’s) and material contribution to modern societies is so vast in size and scope, they had made the largest contribution to all the natural sciences, western philosophy and technological advancements across all areas of human endeavours than all the other tribes combined. They are the richest, the most educated, and the most accomplished and control the mightiest empires in all of recorded history. Given the above almost supernatural and godlike control over the destiny of the earth itself, why are white males still so shockingly insecure? How is it logical that the people that have conquered all there is to conquer and have ruled this planet unchallenged for half-a-millennia are so inexplicably paranoid that they need to win every argument, every single debate on every conceivable platform and insert their opinions (mostly unwanted) into every conversation?

How did the “gold standard” by which all things are measured become so wracked, so filled with anxieties and so neurotic that they have to contest ever word, argue about where the comma should be placed irrespective of their wanton lack of knowledge and experiences in some areas? Surely you cannot re-win a war that has already been demonstrably won ages ago? What’s the simplest explanation for this pathology, this neurosis that sees them using every logical fallacy, every historical falsehood and even twisted logic to win an argument? Arguments that don’t always challenge their unassailable hegemony, but rather ones that seek to define and better understand the black experience. Is it not counterintuitive, that in a white man’s world that actively seeks to dismiss black peoples’ existence as irrelevant and unimportant to white existence and livelihood they, (white males) go to extraordinary lengths to engage black people in a manner that can only be described as obstructionist at best, degrading and racist at worst?

What psychosis drives this thinking of always wanting to have “the last word” in conversations that has little bearing on white spaces and white thinking? It is analogous to lemmings that are driven seaward by an inescapable urge to commit mass suicide, in their case to dominate all black spaces. Which relieved husband, upon divorcing his hated wife, spends the rest of his natural life inserting himself back into her life, for reasons that are inexplicable and hard to fathom?

When we, (black people) discuss our problems you have the answers, when we raise any issues of social relevance you have the answers, when we discuss our hardships you have the answers, when we discuss the difficulties with being black you have the answers, when we discuss our miserable existence as black people you have the answers, when we discuss the few black triumphs, you have the answers, when we decry black corruption you have the answers, when we decry white corruption you have the answers, when we seek solutions in our lives you have the answers, when we talk about white supremacy and racism you have the answers, when we berate bad black politicians you have the answers, when we highlight the shortcomings of black political parties you have the answers, when we express our gratitude for any black achievements you have the answers, when we proffer an opinion on anything or any subject you have the answers, in fact, when we accuse you have being racist and having white privilege you also by deus ex machina have the answers?

How is this humanly possible to have answers to the entire questions, issues and subjects black people raise over all time, many of which openly contradict each other? An example to you; how can you, (white males) have the answers to the problems of systemic black oppressions that you actively work towards upholding and maintaining? Which superior being doubts its own superiority, yet simultaneously pushes the narrative of its own superiority? This is akin to aliens with superior technologies, arriving on earth and quickly defeating the inhabitants, only to obsess about how important it is to persuade the subjugated earthlings that we are actually all equal, with equal opportunities and not in the slightest are they under any subjugation, whilst strutting the earth openly displaying their superiority as a tool of our domination by them in the first place?

How is the domination and subjugation of the black and brown races through institutionalised systems that actively promote white supremacy, at once the path to the equality of those races?      

So as “proof of concept” of your intellectual and genetic superiority and evidence of your evolutionary advantage over others who don’t look like you, I set you the following challenge? 

If you can write a canon, construct a socioeconomic system and political structure superior in philosophy and actuality that pays homage in equal parts to all races, creeds and peoples and develop the delivery vehicles that makes it as easy to understand as it is simple to implement, I will be your trusted and avowed herald, your most ardent praise singer, your “John the Baptist,” indeed, in your honour, I shall change my name to Uncle Tom.