The myth of the angry black woman is much like believing and spending your entire life chasing the as yet unseen Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot, both of whom seem to live in perpetuity.

Generally, rumours are started by haters, and haters have their dubious agendas. So let’s delve into this myth. And it is a myth, a myth steeped in both racism and sexism. The belief is that black women walk around with this chip on their shoulders the size of boulders. Let’s have a look at black women such as Sojourner Truth from the States, who, for most of her life was enslaved, and abused, yet she fought not only for her freedom but for the freedom of others who were also enslaved. The late Winnie Madikizela Mandela from South Africa who was oppressed, abused, jailed countless times and vilified by both the Apartheid Government of the time and her fellow black male comrades.

Did men from all races dislike these black women’s power that they wielded when they spoke? Since when are passion and conviction anger? Since when does fighting for your life and those of your fellow citizens translate into “anger?” Are women meant to comply with the abuse, oppression, and inequality levelled at us?

The black woman remains the most oppressed person in this dreadful society we live in yet not once have there been instances of black women who scream in hysteria because they are compelled to wear masks when entering establishments unlike the many videos doing the rounds on social media about white women aka Karens, who for the most parts, resemble petulant, tantrum-throwing toddlers.

How many black women do you know of that walk around kicking and screaming because they can not get their way while walking a dog, parking, or calling the police when things don’t go as they want it to go.

Economically black women earn less than not only their white counterparts but black males as well, but they carry on regardless. I have not in my lifetime seen nor heard of a black woman carrying a gun and shooting at innocent people because she has been a victim of bullying, is frustrated, or feels as if the world owes her.

When a black woman is angry, it’s because she has reached the end of her tether of being abused, oppressed, and dismissed for being black. When she finally snaps, we, are inundated with media reporting on this angry black woman phenomenon. 

We deal with daily microaggressions and sexism and must remain calm under this. We deal with our ideas being dismissed, but we must remain calm! When there is evidence of a black woman that’s been abused it’s never those that abused her that is at fault. Somehow this black woman stepped out of the womb angry as hell at the world after the first innocent cry. 

Is it any wonder that black women’s depression is ignored? Is it any wonder that black women’s health becomes neglected, while they are busy trying to make a living? Is it any wonder why black women are suspicious of people being nice towards them because there has just been so little of that during her lifetime? Is it any wonder that we feel unheard and ignored when that is our lived experience? Is it any surprise that black women are tired when men, all men, compliment them basing the compliments purely on their looks and bodies?

I am surprised that black women aren’t angrier, that we have not turned into the violent monsters that society have portrayed us as, and am shocked we can still discover our sexuality despite being objectified and sexualized from a young age.

It’s time to lay this horrible myth to rest! It’s time that we focussed on healing the black woman’s psyche, and it’s way past time that we stopped believing the lie that black women are these superhuman creatures that can endure all, do all, be all, and still bestow a Mona Lisa type smile on those that continue to hurt and dismiss us! 

There is no angry black woman, just a woman who is exhausted from living the life under racism, abuse and sexism and this while trying to make the world a safer place for all.