Continued from part 1.

Basically, all international transfers of goods were facilitated by the US Navy that acted as a mercantile navy because no-one had any meaningful naval capacity as the time. This gave the Americans tremendous power, say and reach across the globe. So before Bretton-Woods, the Ottoman Empire escorted Ottoman goods across the globe and the British Empire escorted British goods, Bretton-Woods changed all that for America, but there was another event that six iron exporting Catholic countries started in Europe, the emergence of what would later become known as NATO…….

In the fifties a group of coal and iron exporting countries decided to combine their resources and act as a “common trading” bloc, thus the European Union was born. It would be fifty more years before this group expanded to 18 countries, create a common currency, the Euro, follow a general set of trading guidelines, good political governance, create a central bank, defer their political powers to a group of administrators in Brussels and adopt a common financial infrastructure. This became known as the European Union proper, long before the reality of a “Brexit” happened with the English voting to leave the trading bloc. 

One of the agreements the Americans signed with the early European Union, whose armed wing is NATO was a mutual agreement of defending any member of NATO that is attacked or invaded by a foreign power, in this case, it always meant the former Soviet Union, later to become the Russian Federation, under “prime evil” Vladimir Putin. But the relationship between the Americans and its NATO allies are hugely skewed in favour of the Americans in so far as they are encouraged to fund and purchase American arms and weaponry at what can only be described as “inflationary” prices. 

So America does fund NATO, but arguably, NATO funds NATO because it is, in reality, a case of “roundtripping” the profits the American military, industrial complex makes off NATO and paying that back into the NATO coffers as a membership fee if you will. Unfortunately, the American propaganda machine has convinced the European population that an invasion by its Eastern neighbours, Russia is imminent, as unlikely as it is. The fact is post the collapse of Soviet-style communism, the Russians have been more inward-looking under Putin to restore the country economically and therefore rebuild and restore Russian pride. At this point, Russia neither has the inclination nor the financial resources to contemplate invading the European mainland that is perhaps a one-to-one match for its military, especially with the Americans waiting in the wings on the other end of the pond.

The “shell game” of persistent anti-Russian propaganda and vilification serves a useful purpose, it keeps the fires burning and the machinery churning away at the Raytheon’s and Boeings of their (the Americans arms industry), it provides for a necessary deflection away from internal issues the administration may be experiencing because Americans were reared on the falsity that all the other countries in the world are envious of their democracy and wish only to burn them to the ground. But, it also fulfils another function, a population whose thoughts are fixated on a common enemy is a population that is easily manipulated and controlled. You can see this in the “neocons” doctrine of “endless war” the beneficiaries are of course the capital elite and the military-industrial, congressional complex, this is what keeps the same type of legislators and politicians in the power in a pattern of concentric circles which is the circus that is politics in the United States of America…… 

Part 3 to follow…