For thousands of years, the ocean lived in peace and tranquillity. The human race wasn’t even born when the ocean took its first breath. The world became its domain.

Nothing could compare to its divine natural beauty. No human was more magnificent than her. She was like a goddess sitting on her mighty throne. 

Her skin was as flawless as the driven snow. She ruled the world with her gentle touch and graceful charm.

Then hundreds of years later along came humans. And that became the darkest hour of the ocean. Time and time again man began to violate her divine sanctuary they thought that she belonged to them.

They took without asking her they thought that she had no rights but in reality, she had.

They destroyed her magnificent body by dumping their waste matter and all kinds of filth. They even polluted her throat with their constant oil spills.

She began to cry out for mercy but none was given to her. In truth, you could say that she felt helpless, but not for long.

She even pleaded her case in the courts of justice but no justice was given to her. She was robbed of her self worth and her dignity.

Then suddenly she fought back and all hell broke loose. She became like an avenging angel or a scorned woman.

With all her might she began to spit man out from the deep crevices of her bowels.

Everywhere you looked was destruction and mayhem. She was mans ultimate judge, jury and executioner. 

Man was sent to his watery grave never to be seen again. The ocean became man’s punisher.

In her eyes, there was no trial, no time for not guilty. Every man, woman, and child was guilty.

They could not plead their innocence. The ocean reclaimed what was rightfully hers.

That was the wrath of the ocean. Never again will humans underestimate its power.

And today I have the utmost respect for her.