(Please be aware, this article has nothing to do with your projecting on me about my imaginary love for the ANC or any other political party in South Africa)! 

It redefines how black and brown people should view the world by actively accounting for their lived experiences over the past 500-years.

It places equal value on the lived experiences of black and brown people vis a viz white people’s lived experiences.

It provides a counter-narrative to the dominant, accepted white mainstream narrative.

It redefines the space a black and brown person occupies in our global, sociohistorical, psychohistorical and present narrative.

It redefines our ontological, epistemological and etymological understanding of what it means to be a racist, racism, white supremacy and whiteness and provides it with a rational, historical context.

It adds the race esteem and self-esteem of black and brown people by placing their lived experiences within the context of an ongoing, slow-motion genocide designed and maintained by white people through systems created by white people, for the benefit of white people.

It defines the different aspects of racism and rejects the fallacious mental models (held on by white people) that racism is all about personal or individual choices. As if it can be switched on and off at will. 

It rejects the fallacious mental models that only white people can be experts on racism, and therefore, only they can define for black and brown people what racism actually is. As if it is logically possible to be both the objective observer and the perpetrator (of racism) at the same time?

It rejects empathy, works of charity, kind heartedness and altruism on the part of white people as useless instruments in the fight for black and brown people’s equity, equality and reinstatement as equals on the global stage. Charitable works and a kind heart does nothing to aid the financial restitution for the generational evils of colonialism against black and brown people’s, nor does it help in overthrowing the legacy of Colonialism, Apartheid and ongoing systemic white supremacy, whiteness, racism.

It rejects the notion that a liberal, democratic constitution by deus ex machina “levels the playing field” and somehow provides black and brown people with “equal opportunities.” The problem is that systemic racism has deliberately disadvantaged black people generationally, across all the metrics of human endeavours. Simply put, all black and brown people start at a distinct disadvantage in a world created, designed and maintained by white people and that caters only for white people.

It rejects the notion that white people will and can at some future point “self-incentivise,” or “self-awaken” to correct their conditioned (socially brainwashed, Pavlovian) behaviours, but rather posits that white people urgently need to reflect and analyse when a black person speaks and they need to re-educate themselves to become anti-racist, much like pacifists are anti-war. There is nothing “automatic” about the process in the same way that there is nothing automatic about excellence in any sphere of human endeavours. 

Lastly, to boldly proclaim, that CRT, Critical Race Theory is “anti-white people” (as many so often do) is to display a cartoonish understanding of the technology and speaks more to your own pathologies of white fragility, internalised delusion and wilful, indentured ignorance than any truth that can in anyway be substantiated…