It is hard to comprehend most pathologies unless one is a trained clinical psychiatrist, and even harder to understand them because most pathologies by definition share the twin characteristics of being illogical, and at once bad. If you took a cross-section or swatch of time from the past 500-years, you couldn’t help but notice that there was an awful lot of accumulation of assets, resources, money, and waging wars and most of that seemed to favour, and for the benefit of a very small cross-section of the global community, white people (of European descent). Upon a cursory study, you would quickly arrive at the inescapable conclusion that they seemed to be in-charge of just about everything that is important and controlled everything that mattered. So here are a few glaring observations:

  1. They seemed to have designed the world in their favour over the past 500-years and redesign it every so often to suit them.
  2. They control and are in charge of the global economy.
  3.  They boast the largest and most powerful armies, so big and well-resourced there exists no comparable analogue in the history of the human race.
  4. They exercise complete political control over all the (non-white) through a number of organisations like the United Nations, and others like the Atlantic Council and numerous other globally based entities that supports their agenda of total hegemony and world domination.
  5. They possess more than 1000 military bases around the world that gives them the ability to invade or destroy any country (of the 195) that doesn’t support their objectives.
  6. They own or control through negotiations, bribery or the threat of force all the known mineral resources vital to their continued existence and pleasure on the planet.
  7. They own and indirectly outright control more than 6000 banks worldwide, own and control the global banking infrastructure and dominate all the bourses through either ownership or partial ownership.
  8. They own and control the means end-to-end movements of all the major currencies and have amassed vast fortunes in all the major ones.
  9. Their ownership of land across the globe is so incomprehensible that they are the de facto owners of whole countries and all the islands, cities, important towns and hamlets around the world.
  10. They have amassed in their museums and privately owned collections, the greatest number of works of ancient artefacts, works of art both old and modern, millions of pieces of jewellery, precious stones and every type of valuable object known to man.
  11. Their ethnic group controls the means of production of all the biggest, most vital and peripheral industries, produce, farm and manufacture or control the manufacturing processes of all the goods consumed on the planet.
  12. Their ethnic group are prominent in the designing, writing and inventing of the preferred  language, (English as the lingua franca), the literary works, academic works, books, poetry, writing, storytelling, movies, films, the histories of peoples, radio broadcasts, all the images, satellites and land-based communications and the unlimited resources of the internet.
  13. They have invented, designed and own almost all the modern day goods we need to survive and live on the planet and are responsible for the vast majority of the inventions and discoveries now known to mankind.
  14. They own and control the global mass-media, its infrastructure, its content and its narratives, both the print and broadcast media.
  15. They have written their own histories and the histories of the world for the past 500-years so this begs the obvious question?

Why are they so fearful, so paranoid, and so scared that something terrible may befall them? How do we define a pathology for a people that have it all, possess and control everything, yet entertain such terrible nightmares of foreboding and visceral fears for their continued existence?