The past haunts man as if it is alive and maybe to some it is. You choose your next prey like an eagle in waiting for its dinner just to spread that dark, eerie coat over him or her. 

Around me, all I see is this terrible darkness of sheer misery and untold heartache. Time and time man resurrects you from the dead just to talk to you!

But in reality, you don’t have a face, soul, or mortal body, but you are alive. What lessons can you teach us that we already know?

Man’s eternal soul belongs to you. You feed on man’s misfortune and utter misery.

You speak volumes to your faithful followers, but you punish those that disobey your commands.

Man is so blind that the scales of the future cannot peel off those eyes of his.

Where do you come from? Where there before the dawn of creation? You revel in your lies and man laps it up he believes in whatever you say without seeking the truth.

Like a poison snake, you slither into man’s life and he like a clueless man believes your bitter lies. 

Man is like a blind bat searching for his master. But you can deceive man with your exquisite beauty and charm.

Yes, you set traps for them how wicked you can be. You have no morals or shame.

For your iniquities lay bare on the hard ground like a blanket covering the lost.

In my eyes, you are worthy of nothing, not even eternal life. You lure man into your divine sanctuary just so that they can taste you. Some of them like you as for others they spit you out like sour grapes.

You allow a man to suckle at your warm bosom flowing with milk, but they can’t even taste it that it tastes like days old wine.

Leave me alone I am no more your son, and you are not my mother. The future that I see can offer me way more than what you can.

I don’t want to hear or see you so rest in peace and never to be resurrected again.