The past is like history, it goes hand in hand. Just like history and it’s many stories of beauty or cruelty, the past is exactly the same.

It is like a vacuum or steel chains around your body. In truth, you always constantly blame someone for your failures or shortcoming in this life. Some of us blame our parents for our failure instead of searching for ourselves and picking up those shattered pieces of our earthly life and moving on.

Some of us are still fighting wars in our mind that ended years ago. We can still hear those treble gunshots going off in truth we still believe that we are in the armed forces.

Our minds and our brains are swallowed or dragged into this dark black river never to be paroled again. Our whole lives are stuck in one closed corner with no door to open it.

There is no forgiveness in our hearts just merely utter contentment for the other person. We don’t even see the good inside of them only what wrong they did to us.

Every day we swing that judgment sword at them but we never look deep into our own soul. 

Our world is made up of our misery indeed we cry alone hoping that someone will hear us but to no avail.

We have become our own virtual punishment and judge, jury, and executioner.

No laughter creases our lips, we have become like one morbid soul. Even the future hides its beautiful face from us because we are to blind to see it. Cataracts on our eyes shield that future that we so desperately want. 

Yes, we are only ourselves to blame for our state and no one else. Even the cemeteries spit you out.

Picture the past as a coin passed on from generation to generation. And in each generation, we get blamed for something we are not part of. It is like an out-dated vinyl record that plays the same tune over and over in your mind it never stops.

When are we going to stop blaming others for our mistakes or how we grew up? To me, that story is so stale and very old news. 

It is like your father’s father was an alcoholic, your father was one and through every generation, that same bottle is passed one never to be broken. What a shame indeed that we are so blind and led by the one shepherd that cannot break those chains or give us happiness.

Look beyond that horizon, there’s a future out there. Stop wallowing in self-pity. As for me, the past is dead and buried, my exciting future lies ahead of me.