One day I decided to return to the city of my birth after being away for so long. 

In my heart, I had high expectations.

My soul began to leap as I drew nearer the place.

You could say that I always had a great love and respect for this city and its timeless beauty. 

I couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of the city that gave me so much joy as a child,

the open spaces, the endless seas and the wild.

Nothing could mar my happiness or remove that smile pasted on my face. To me, it was like heaven on earth, my special place. 

As I arrived that day a warm breeze was blowing over my tired body. I knelt down and began to kiss the ground.  

I was home at last. 

This is the city I remember, the memories of the past.

That welcomes every human to see her smile and open arms.

The city that abounds with so many hidden charms.

The following morning when I woke up and had my coffee on the veranda, I noticed birds flying on the blue horizon. 

I decided to visit people that I knew at that time. 

Still feeling that joy in my soul I saw them and lo and behold they weren’t as welcoming as before.

Except for two friends of mine which I was grateful for. 

I will never forget them as long as I live.

With all the love they had to give.

I thought they were going to roll out the red carpet but I was wrong. 

I received no welcome arms, not even a song.

A storm looked ready to erupt at any minute but no storm from nature came. 

Instead the storm was my so-called friends denying me. 

The two that welcomed me were the only ones I could see.

My heart began to sink into the depths of a dark abyss.

Tears rolled down my face like a raging river. 

I walked away feeling like the prodigal son mentioned in the Bible.

I felt that even he got a better deal. 

Maybe I was too naive in thinking this city would welcome me to its shores again?  

Maybe the feelings of disappointment are too hard to explain?

I wish the ground could have opened and swallowed me. 

The smile pasted on my face was frozen for all to see.

I began to wipe the dust off my shoes and told myself I shall never return. 

I sprinkled ash on my head and wore sackcloth and asked the heavens to change their ways.

To give me recognition as I deserved because of the days,

I spent making friends and loving everyone I came into contact with.

So now for me it’s, farewell, the city of my birth.