In the silence of the dark, black night I planned my escape. All that I had was the clothes on my fragile frame. I escaped from the country of my birth.

I became tired of the erratic gunfire and the bombs exploding in numerous areas of a country that I once loved. At the same time, tears began to fall down my weary face because I had no choice but to leave my wife and child behind in search of better prospects for all of us.

I also became tired of the soldiers that kept on knocking on my door at unusual hours. They didn’t even have respect for the weary. They kept on raiding my humble abode.

Then after one week, I arrived in this foreign country knowing no human soul.

I rested for a day or two and then I went and knocked on every door for any kind of work but each time doors were slammed in my face.

But I never lost hope and that hope was burning inside of me like a raging fire.

Eventually, I made friends selling whatever goods I could sell. 

I had a small shop and I used to send money back home whatever I could afford. But I missed my family it wasn’t the same without them. 

Then I thought that I was on the right road until man began to bother me and wanting to see my work permit, an identity book. 

Each time I gave it to them and each time it wasn’t good enough they still bothered me.

They even confiscated my goods and called me all kinds of names telling me I must go back to my country they don’t need me here.

I thought that this country would embrace me but in truth, they made it a living hell. It was like one horrible nightmare that seemed endless.

Man didn’t even respect me or nor did they listen to me. I felt like they had already judged me at the same time I felt as if I was some criminal, even though I was honest.

Before I knew it five years had passed and in those five years, I was thrown into prison without any formal charges. Beaten to a pulp at the hands of uniformed men that are meant to protect and serve.

So many times I brought my wife and child over here but I never told them the truth because I was far too ashamed.

So many times I wanted to go back but what was the point? I couldn’t return to my war-torn country. Yes, there was no place for me under that sun.

There are many like myself in the same situation and I hope one day things will change. That this human race can embrace everyone no matter where they come from.

I am a refugee.