Through the decades of my earthly existence, I have always tried to understand man. But to no avail.

People are always looking for the one shepherd that will take us out of our eternal misery, the one that will fight for us and stand by us no matter what.

On the other hand, I laugh at their folly. In truth, people were always like a bunch of lost sheep. 

As soon as we hear a person with a loud voice expressing their anger at something, we tend to follow them and agree with them.

We don’t realize that they are only human with many faults, sometimes even worse than ours.

Like a bunch of fools, we become influenced by their way of thinking.

But we still time and time again put them on the world’s biggest platform. In our eyes, they cannot make mistakes because we revere them.

In reality, a shepherd is a protector of his flock. In most cases, the wolf was the shepherds’ nemesis. 

A true shepherd doesn’t run away from his flock but stands by them, not like a man who only keeps watching over them, and when trouble comes, he runs away.

Aren’t we all like that, and when it is time to stand up and face the music, we all jump ship and blame someone else?

So before we put a man on a pedestal, think again.