When do the intellectually challenged get heard?

I am the silent voice in the dark, a voice that can’t be heard.

I wish someone could be my voice – But who can I ask?

All that I ask for is to be accepted in this world.

No answer is forthcoming, so once again I am in Limbo


People like me were born with no voice just like the past generations

Yes I know this world is beautiful but in truth I have only tasted its ultimate wrath.

A wrath so cruel that today my soul is still in mourning.

For how long I can’t say!

My brothers and sisters just like me were constantly ridiculed since birth.

In the halls of Parliament when politicians convene.

I see not one politician will stand up and be our voice.

They are more concerned about power and greed.

They don’t have the slightest conscience or guilt

For years we have been fighting for our rights.

When will we have our rights?

That is the ultimate question.

They are only interested in our votes.

There are no facilities for us it’s almost nonexistent.

When will their scales of blindness come off and see the real us out there.

I wait in anticipation from dawn to dusk for that day.

The Silent Voice is still waiting.