There are many anomalies in this life, which seems consistent with life. There are things we struggle to explain. These things are not only reserved for the scientific domain or any of the sciences only but seem to be a feature and fixture of our existence on this earth. Common examples are the regularity of which we experience coincidences, premonitions, and feelings of déjà vu. Mild cases of this phenomenon are the people we meet with during the course of our lifetime. There are a few that we immediately “clicked with,” experience, instant attraction to, and the ones we fall in love with. The social sciences are replete with theories attempting to explain this phenomenon and 1000’s of books have been written providing us with insights into how and why this happens. Often, these books speak more to the author’s experiences and worldview which some of us may or may not identify with.

One of these anomalies, perhaps because they are both rare and at once consistent throughout most of our lives is meeting people that are somehow more connected to their state of the child. People that seem to be above the fray, and are of us but seemingly not with us. People that are at odds with society, a society that has successfully managed to mould the vast majority of us into useful appendages of a gigantic machine that devours and consumes everything in its path, leaving destruction in its wake. These people come from as many different walks of life; reflecting the extraordinary abundance and diversity of life itself. They are not prone to one sector, one discipline or one cultural grouping only. They almost deliberately confuse the realities of their own existence and our understanding of them by being as diverse and ageless as life itself.

In days of yore and long ago forgotten times they were shaman, prophets, holy men, soothsayers seers, diviners, witches, wizards, spiritualists, herbalists, earth-people, theorists, visionaries, thinkers, poets, writers, gypsies and so many more. They foretold of things impossible to know, things that refuted their stationary status in a fixed time, things they never learned and could not possibly know from any books. They were both admired and misunderstood, revered and dreaded, feared and followed, hunted down and burnt at the stake, sometimes this stake was metaphorical, especially when it clashed with the modern sciences. They exhibited a “self-awareness’ beyond their times, any times because it never mattered which times they lived in. They’re in touch, in tune, in time and in-synch. They displayed a sense of self-awareness and introspection far ahead of the intellectuals and their peers. It seemed they alone understood “things” and could interpret events accurately, even foretelling some merely by feeling and being in touch or connected with something higher, perhaps a higher consciousness.

It is they who seemed uniquely patched into the universe and understood how the universe works, understood its rhythms, its vibrations, and timing and were intrinsically connected to its very tendrils of energy and oneness. They defy the conventions of race, class, culture, creed and other socially constructed barriers, but seemed to “walk between” the raindrops of mere social conventions. They refused to be bound by fabricated limitations and artificial boundaries. They are empaths that seemingly do not require any education or outside inputs to understand how life really works and its purpose, our purpose. Some cannot deal with these gifts and self-isolate, deny it in their futile attempts to fit in. Still, others finally accept it, eke out a life on the fringes of our regimented society, knowing they are different, and seek out others like themselves, continuously working on understanding the reasons for their existence.

In a world forever threatened by greedy men. Goons, monsters of our own making and destroyers of everything they see before them, they seem to be the “thin blue line” between the darkness that forever threatens us and the light that is our saving. They are everywhere if you seek them, but like most that are blind, they are nowhere all at once. They are the last bright sparks in an ever-darkening mechanistic world, a world that presents no hope anymore for its people, but misery and despair. 

They are the “Star People.”

To be continued…