Perhaps these Star people are the Magi’s of old, the wise men that travelled the world over spreading philosophies of goodwill and harmony to promote peace among all men. Maybe they understand the innate competitive nature of men who most times wish to conquer and subdue others simply because they are different. Men who are driven above all else by greed and self-service? Men who act only in the own self-interest and do not seek that which is good for all, but for themselves. The proverbial wise man at the top of the mountain is perhaps not as far-fetched at it initially appears nor one to only evoke quiet mirth, but a message that we should seek to open our minds to all kinds of possibilities that awakens our deepest spiritual senses.

It seems to me that during the course of every person’s lifetime they can recount how one if not more than one person influenced them to the good. One person who made them rethink their path, their trajectory or destructive actions both to themselves and others. One person that made them step back from the brink of certain ruin? Are these not spiritual markers that God or the universe places in our lives as warning signs, no matter how random they may appear. Is randomness not part of the fabric of the universe disguised as coincidence? It seems to me that in our age of technological progression, we have replaced the science of the spirit and the soul with the science of the mind, to the exclusion of many deep senses we may have possessed in a bygone era. 

An era where we had to rely on our connection with the natural forces of the earth to live and to survive. How else to we explain away the persistence of our “sixth sense” or are we going to say that because it cannot be replicated in a laboratory under clinical conditions repeatedly, therefore it doesn’t exist and is merely the faint memories of a primitive era? I’m not suggesting for one moment that “precognition” or the sense of knowing is a science and can conclusively be proven, but then I cannot explain either why some of us choose a life of service to mankind for absolutely no reason that they can adequately articulate. People that know before it is known. People that are naturally more in-tune with others around them, and people that seem to care more because they share more. These ones develop from an early age a natural kinship with others, listen with their souls, and bleed when you cry. People that seek not a profit because their purpose seems to be written in the stars. Theirs is a life of continuous learning and abrogation to their fellow men.

They seek no favor, fame, or fortune, but rather the good of all men both pious and broken. Their antennae of understanding the world is bigger, their frequencies more, and their tuning into the feelings and emotions of others finer. They live on a penny where they could afford to charge a pound. They look no different to us and perhaps that is a good thing because had they looked, like our history shows, they would have been treated as pariahs and hunted like game. They occupy the loftiest aspect of the hierarchy of understanding and are no more affected by our dissent or disapproval of men than a bird of a light summer rain. 

We owe it to ourselves and our progeny to open up our minds and seek them out, seek their counsel and their closeness because in these dangerous times we occupy, we are as uncertain of waking up fully functional every morning as we are of guaranteeing our own life and limb by day end. Maybe another word for angels are indeed Star people, they who are the only ones that make sense to the learned and the unlearned alike because they speak a universal language we have long ago forgotten…