For many years I considered myself a stranger. Even though I was born of this flea-infested sand of Mother Nature.

Everywhere I go man stares at me as if I am a criminal though they know nothing about me.

I thought I was part of this land I call home, but in truth, it was never my home.

My resting place was always under some unknown bridge or vacant area. I even fought a war that wasn’t mine, to begin with.

Still today, those ugly battle scars on my body haunt me. I don’t even know where I am from? 

But no one will be honest with me. People are used to deceiving me, and I must believe the constant lies.

Yes, I am a nomad walking this strange but beautiful land searching for my true home, wherever that may be.

Hopefully, one day I shall have that home where I can celebrate my independence instead of being constantly ridiculed in every way. 

One day soon, I hope to no longer be a stranger.