Under the magic spell.

My mother in law and I have declared a truce. We both love the same man in different ways and hopefully, she realizes I’m not the worst that could happen to her son simply because I’m not white.

So this “snooker friend” is coming for dinner.

(Insert eye roll)

“I want to have a night where we have dinner, drink some good wine and whiskey and play some snooker upstairs!” My love sounds reasonable when he says that.

I couldn’t or didn’t want to be unreasonable but had my doubts about his newfound friend.

“I will cook, I will be nice but the moment we are done eating, I’m going to the bedroom.” I firmly state.

“Yes, of course, I don’t expect you to entertain my friends.” He smiles

He probably thinks he won this little “battle.” I think.

My thoughts are clear because the evening will be dinner then off to bed I go.

But even the most well-laid plans sometimes go astray.

“Smells delicious,” my love says as comes up behind me, puts his arms around me and kisses my neck.

” I’m hot and sweaty in the kitchen so yes, I would hope it does” I answer.

Anybody that knows me knows I love cooking up a storm. I love good homemade food and entertaining but tonight not so much.

My mother-in-law surprised us with a visit so she is on the patio proudly watching her son who looks very handsome in the suit he still has on from work. She sips on her wine and says to him, “Tell me about your friend.”

“He is great!” My love gushes.

I close my eyes and breathe very deeply. What is it about men and this bromance they seem to have with friends? I love the way he is so quick to tell me about my friendships and how close I am but I can’t recall gushing. Sigh!

“Come in, come in, welcome” I hear my loves voice as I’m getting ready in our bedroom and freshening up.

“Smells wonderful,” says his friend.

“Yes, Thesna cooked,” my love proudly states.

“Do I have to go out there?” I think.

“I don’t really want to!” “Be nice”

My heart and head are wrestling with each other.

Damn, the heart won because I’m walking towards them.

“Hello,” I smile.

A noteworthy Hollywood performance from me.

“Welcome to our home,” I say.

I told you I was good. At this stage, I’m vying for an Oscar nomination.

My love slips into the bar to pour his friend a drink and as he is gone, his friend steps forward and hugs me.

There are hugs and there are hugs and this hug was longer than necessary and wait…

Did he just rub his chest against mine?

Before I could say anything he releases me, winks and turns to my love saying, “Thanks” as he takes the drink offered.

“Are you alright?” My love asks concerned.

“Yes,” I smile, “Just tired!”

“Dinner was great,” his friend says.

“Yes, it was” his mom interjects, “Thesna is a great cook.”

A compliment? Oh wow, we have made progress.

I noticed my mom in law trying to engage him but he keeps drawing me into conversations and I’m too tired to say what interests me.

Besides, I don’t like the lapdog look on his face. Is my love really unable to see this?

It has been awkward the way his friend seems to fawn over me throughout dinner.

Finally, they go upstairs to the snooker room to play a game or two.

Phew! A respite. I can now jump into my bed. I can’t wait.

“Come talk to me, I will make the coffee!” My mother in law says stopping me in mid escape to the bedroom.

My lips feel as if it’s going to crack from smiling the entire evening. My love owes me big time and I will be collecting. A movie and dinner are definitely owing to me.

Let’s file that away for now.

“He likes you doesn’t he?” My mother in law shrewdly asks.

I nearly choke on the sip of coffee I just took. Did I hear correctly?

“What?” I innocently ask just in case she thinks I encouraged it in some way. I’m still wary of our tenuous relationship.

“Yes, he does and it’s uncomfortable,” I acknowledge.

“Why don’t you tell my son?” She asks.

“I tried,” I say, “He’s not listening.”

“Oh please, a blind man can see what’s happening.” She says dismissively.

“Yes, except your son,” I think. Although I don’t say it out loud.

We are both interrupted by laughter.

Oh no, they’re back.

“One more whiskey for the road,” my love tells his friend.

Have you ever wondered how long this road is that it always seems to require one more drink?

“Please say no,” I think. Attempting to use mental telepathy to get his friend to say no thank you.

“Yes, please” he answers.

“Ok then clearly that didn’t work” I wrestle in my head.

“I think I will chat to Thesna while you get the drink” his friend states.

“Yes, of course, but let my mom tell you about…” My love says.

I don’t recall what he said because my mind blanked out after his friend agreed to one more drink.

“Ahhh,” he says as he sips his drink.

“Seriously, you had to sit right next to me” I sigh. Not aloud of course but at this stage, I’m so done. His leg is so close to mine.

I am polite during this last, one for the road drink! I’m not really tuned into the conversation and I noticed my mother in law keeps trying to divert his attention from me.

Being polite sometimes just doesn’t help.

Finally, its time for him to leave.

“We should yes” I agree after he says we should do this again.

“Not,” my head says but he can’t read it. I knew I was never going to do this again and if my love wanted to well then he could entertain by himself because I will spend the evening at my sister’s place.

“One more hug for the road” he smiles.

I smile back, this time I’m clever so I stand far away from his chest and do a quick pat on the back before he could draw me closer.

“I’m off to bed, goodnight everyone,” I say. Relieved that this day is done.

“Wait” I hear my mothers-in-law voice.

Seriously, I just want some sleep.

“I won’t be long” she reassures me as she turns to my love.

“You don’t need friends who aren’t really friends but are actually chasing Thesna” she states.

“It’s obvious your friend has the hots for her” she continues.

“Yes, thank you” I mouth to her as we share our first real bond.

“What?” My love sounds shocked.

“And this is my cue to leave,” I say as I hug him.

I can hear their voices from the bedroom. I smile to myself.

Hopefully, my love finally understands seeing as his mom told him. Yes, they are close so I’m sure he will.

“Are you awake?” My love whispers.

“No” I reply.

“I’m so sorry” he continues.

Yes, I’m sure he is.

Now to let him do penance for this big mistake.

I rub imaginary hands in glee…

Something good happened that evening. My mother in law and I grew closer and that was our start to a great mother-daughter relationship.

To be continued.

Part X – Is This Legal??