For years I thought I was renting some small space in this world. I am a lessee because nothing belongs to me.

Not even the clothes on my back are mine. Everywhere I go, I must just pay for services rendered to me.

In my mind, everybody is like me, renting some space wherever. Even the air that I breathe I must pay for.

The time I spent on this beautiful Earth I call home is not even granted to me because there is always a motive behind it.

Even the money I try to save is not even mine. Nor the money I get from the state that is even taken away from me by greedy vultures.

So what does belong to me? I guess absolutely nothing! My soul is even rented to me by some higher power that I have never seen or met.

The streets that I walk on, showing my tireless shoe prints, don’t belong to me.

My beautiful children are even rented to me though I am only their caregiver until they move on.

I had such expansive plans for my humble abode, but what is the point of extending it when someone else will enjoy my hard labour and sweat and tears.

Though I cannot afford exorbitant food prices, I must survive even though I know that they are only rented to me.

Everything in this life is rented to me, including my death. What a sad human I am!