From the dawn of creation till now, man has always put a mortal man on a pedestal. Even though they never met him nor know him personally.

By now, that famous pedestal must be toppling over or swaying from side to side even though there is no wind blowing.

They only hear about their good works, but how well do you know them? Man has his timeless faults,   were never born perfect.

So why do we still do it? Why do we hero-worship mortal man by the little good deeds, but we fail to see that man has feet of clay?

We don’t realise that man was born to do his work, and then when completed, his time is finished. And another person will take his place.

I marvel at man’s folly as if we want to kiss the very ground that they walk on. How foolish are we?

No mortal is worthy of putting on that pedestal except for the one that created you.

No matter who he is or where he comes from. I would rather try my utmost to walk in a saint’s footsteps than a mere mortal man’s steps.

Remember, they are only human and don’t possess a superpower over anyone.