O what dark and mysterious secrets do you hide behind that black cloak of yours? Please tell me where you go when the light appears.

Do you go to your sleeping chambers and rest until the bright sun disappears?

Before I was born you were there spreading that cloak across my home Mother Earth. I might not be your age but I know you even though you treat me like some stranger invading your private world.

What are you truly scared of my silent universe? Yes, you’re magnificent and I admire you.

But at the same time, I detest all the vile iniquities that stain your soul blue. Show me your face that I can see. Don’t hide behind those billions of stars and planets, please stop hiding from me.

Every day I hear you scream from the highest steeples and mountain ranges so that man can fear and obey. Winds sweeping and rains slashing that carries on for so long as if it’s here to stay.

You disappoint me because I thought you were brave.

But all you do is remain silent with the occasional wave.

You wear that heavy breastplate and carry a sword in your left hand but I never see the battlefield. 

All I can see is that man must yield. To the silent force of the universe!

Some call you the great Goliath and they brag about your great conquests stretching from the endless rivers, mountain tops, and countless kingdoms. Yet the strength you display seems to come on a whim.

Sometimes strong, sometimes weak!

But we must acknowledge your presence whenever we speak.

But the one kingdom you didn’t defeat was mine. Although by the looks of it, it’s only a matter of time.

There will be a time when I will meet you in battle and then we’ll see who is strongest.

And who can hold out the longest.

It might not be now but your time’s running out. People say your ageing and no longer up and about.

Rest well my friend till our paths meet.

For now all I can do  is acknowledge you and greet.