We all walked that unknown path in our earthly lives not knowing where it would lead us.

Some of us thought it would lead to eternal happiness and untold bliss but in reality, it leads us to self-destruction.

We were too blind to see the writing on those faded white walls. Some of us even fought a war that wasn’t even mine, to begin with, but we went into it and tried our utmost to be brave.

Some of us tried our utmost to eradicate the scourge of poverty but in the long run, we failed miserably because the bottom line is that we are only human and can only do so much and no further.

We only see the world through black walls but forget to see the tiny white spots embedded in between.

We try so hard to repair the world’s ills but we forget it must first come from us that is the first major step because our discontent comes from a past that we had no control of nor can we fix it.

If we want to forgive others we must first begin to forgive ourselves.

We cannot always point fingers at others and forget what we did wrong.

We are so quick to judge others but forget there are nine fingers pointing back at us. First repair the damage that you did then repair the damage you did to others. 

Be man enough to face-up to your own faults and be strong enough to move on. Don’t let the sunshine on that same guilt or grudges that you kept for so long hidden in the very depths of your soul 

Learn to spread those wings don’t always travel the same unknown path.