I have observed lots of hype pre elections. Every politician is on their best behavior, shaking numerous electorate hands, kissing babies and making promises that should be easy to fill under normal circumstances but that nevertheless is spouted. Truth for some politicians should be interpreted as only for the present moment. However by the time the politician who needs your vote leaves your area he has already forgotten about you, the voter.

The X is a factor in this equation and the X is simply your vote that the politician needs next to his name. I am specifically for the sake of this article saying he when referring to the politician.
It is evident that we have inequality and unemployment in this country!
It is evident that crime, especially rape and murder, is rampant in this country!
It is evident that we have homelessness in this country and though there is no national census on the amount of homeless people, some organizations have placed it at around 200 000. I personally feel that this number is underrated and there are way more homeless people.
It is evident that our public education system needs an overhaul, much like you would with an engine of a vehicle, it needs to stripped to the barest minimum and then carefully put back together to create an almost unrecognizable department that works like a well-oiled machine.
It is evident that we have a health system that is bursting at the seams and is held together like a deck of cards stacked up onto each other where the slightest movement could make it tumble down and create a mess nobody wants to even contemplate.

We are a country in need of change and save for a select minority the majority of our people are living lives in quiet desperation and on a hope and a prayer.

In 25 years, the people have complained, they’ve been on strike, they’ve been angry, on the brink of desperation and yet, not once did they seem to understand the power of having the X Factor.
Legislation can be changed by a people willing to fight for the right to live in equal measure with their white counterparts, to have the piece of land they could call their own, to actively seek redress and restitution by imposing a wealth tax and to live in a country where civil servants work for the good of all people.

Instead what we do is we take this powerful X that could change our world and we “waste” it on empty promises made by opportunistic politicians and we then lament for the next 5 years where the only increase we have is increase in utilities, in services and in the petrol price.
Using the X to enrich the already rich makes zero sense to me but this is what happens in this country. We don’t read the political party manifestos nor hold them accountable when they fail to deliver on what they have promised within those manifesto’s and then we wonder why there is no change. We fall for the slick words as if we are buying furniture on credit without checking the terms and conditions then struggle to pay that when interest rates are too high.

What have we done as an electorate that is different to how we voted before especially poc’s in the Western Cape? They are sabotaging their own progress by voting for a party that does not treat people living in townships the same as they do the people living in surburbia. Yet they cannot be persuaded to try at least try something different and that is the height of insanity because you can’t expect different results by doing the same thing over and over again.

People are for the most parts living on hope and that unfortunately is there downfall. They comfort themselves by saying; “Maybe this time will be different,” and when this time turns out the same as the other times, they swear never again until that slick politician comes knocking on the door in 5 years’ time again. They do not see the suffering of their children or rather they turn a blind eye to that because there seems to be a comfort in their discomfort.

It could also indicate that they’re so disillusioned that the powerful “gold” X that they have is no longer a factor because they’re struggling to see past the daily grind of poverty and inequality and so the X is but a millstone around their necks and not worth the paper it is written on.