There is no racism!

We are all equal!

Black and brown people are delusional and need to get over themselves!

Stop with this victim mentality!

Let’s assume that white people are right, that black and brown people are delusional, and that racism as a system is not real. That racism has more to do with evil acts from hateful people, and not systems put in place to further the “white is right narrative.”

If we are indeed equal then why do we not learn about Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth when we learn about American history? Why does Abraham Lincoln’s life trump theirs? Why is Mark Twain’s work deemed to be of more importance than Maya Angelou?

We learn about a whitewashed version of Verwoerd, Vorster, and De Klerk without learning about giants such as Robert Sobukwe, Thomas Sankara, or Steve Biko.

Instead, black and brown people are shown that white people are heroes, philosophers, navigators, and great mathematicians. Yet one of the greatest mathematicians Srinivasa Ramanujan we don’t know about unless we dig deeper into black and brown history.

How come only people like Idi Amin and a “violent” Shaka Zulu are portrayed? In keeping with the narrative of “lazy, good for nothing,” black people, we get BEE and Affirmative Action shoved down our throats even though it was meant as a form of redress yet never get told about the reparations white people received from the British after the Anglo Boer war. 

White supremacy does not exist nor does racism still we don’t get taught about natural herbs and plants that black and brown people have used to cure ills and maintain healthy lifestyles.

White supremacy does not exist still the education system worldwide teaches about how fearless and intelligent white people are while downplaying the devastating effects of slavery, colonialism, and Apartheid.

So if it’s true and white supremacy doesn’t exist then white people should learn about black heroes besides Nelson Mandela. Pretending the odds are not stacked in white peoples favour in every aspect of life is the same as believing that the tortoise really can outrun the hare.

Levelling playing fields would not just be about equity and equality but will also be information in the education sector that focuses on black and brown heroes too.

Considering that black and brown people are the majority in this country, every white school-going child would be able to recite poems from the likes of Don Mattera without having to trawl the internet to find him and people like him.