The ushering of Mr. Ramaphosa as president has ended two decades of our country being run by exiles that returned with their bloated degrees and foreign attitudes and felt it was their automatic right to lead us “ignorant” locals.
Many of them were amongst the most corrupt, wearing the false image of struggle heroes.
If there was a degree for corruption, they would have excelled at it. Many great local heroes of the struggle were side stepped in favour of exiles, some of whom and their families enjoyed a cushy life overseas.

The people, who designed our constitution, made some serious omissions, because of a lack of foresight.
Presidents should not be elected by a party but the electorate. The removal of a President should only be done via a court of law, and not by faction or cabal in a party.
Premiers should be chosen by the people and not by the party.
Ministers of portfolios should have training or experience in the ministry they are heading.
For example, only someone with a good medical background should be a minister of health.
The President should be literate, with a good understanding of world affairs to present a good image of our country for foreign investment.
People selected for chapter nine institutions should be selected by upstanding members of their profession. The President should not have a say in it because he may choose someone he favours for reasons other than competency as was the case with Zuma choosing Mkhwebane as our public protector.

Even though Zuma is fighting for his life, our public protector has become his puppet.
Parliamentarians must be educated people, who are taught about serving the public. Being a hard worker for a party, should not earn you the right to be a parliamentarian.

The jobs of the heads of SARS (South African Revenue Service), NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) and the SAPS (South African Police Service) and their staff should neither be influenced nor threatened by ministers and their “henchmen.”

What happened in our SOE’s (State Owned Enterprises such as Eskom, Prasa, SABC et al) and the Ministry of Water Affairs as well as within The Department of Social Development is an absolute blemish on the Zuma administration and the membership of ANC (African National Congress), who allowed our country to be sold to the Guptas and turned us into investor’s nightmare.
If the Zuma faction ever makes an attempt to do an Mbeki on Ramaphosa, it will not be democracy in action, but treason against the citizens, who voted for Ramaphosa, who carried the wilting ANC on his tired back to victory to the disdain of the EFF. The citizens of this country must stand up to the Zuma faction if they remove the president by taking to the streets to express their disapproval, like we did with Zuma.

This is my opinion on the state of affairs.

(All views and opinions expressed is of Dr. EV Rapiti)