We have the finest

of our team

battling it out

against the opposition.

The score-board is tide at par

likewise is the ball-possession

So we’re skilling it out

show-casing talent

we never displayed at training

and with every chance, we’re gaining

we’re shooting at the goal-keeper

so hard,

the guy would swear it’s raining

his hands are paining

SB is releasing


far from the 18th area

One thing’s for certain

after this match,

there will be a burial

In the middle

we have a soldier

a general who was built

for matches and composure

Neat passes

compelling his bosses

To get up off their asses

and raise their glasses

Behind the strikers

we got Christopher

the philosopher

Now, Christopher is French

but there’s a player sitting out

who’s just too good for the bench

But he doesn’t believe

in making four matters

out of metaphors that

don’t even matter, therefore

he’s keeping his cool

keeping his sound

keeping the faith that

he’ll get onto the ground

keeping the hope

anticipation in the crowd

keeping the vision that

one day

we will be crowned

Eventually, it’s hopeless

his virtue nessacitates

Coaches say

‘warm-up, the stuff the crowd long awaits’…

The philosophy of

‘pistols for small matters,

deadly guns for large’

when I get inside the pitch

I’m gonna show them

who’s in charge

Before long,

opposition suffers violence

at the mercy of

his feet

it was raining

not too long ago

but now, they’re feeling heat

he, be distributing passes

so discreetly

they’ve never seen them before

neither have they heard

the only thing they witnessed was

the net rattling for the third

It’s a goal!


and it’s piercing through their soul

defenders pointing fingers

because of the chances that he stole

So, apparently,

the coach’s name was ‘Patrick’

He’s giving him a thumbs-up

for what is now a hat-trick

you should’ve seen him,

player so fantastic

The rest was poetry

in motion

with each pass

we caused commotion

when the flood-gates were done

the whole pitch

looked like an ocean.