Since the dawn of creation, I was here roaming this place I call home,
A place so vast that I cannot see the beginning or the end.
Nature was like a mother to me.
I suckled at her warm, soft bosom.
I was born free with not a care in the world.
I loved my solitude.

In the crisp early mornings, I thoroughly enjoyed breathing in the fresh air.
I was the Master of those eternal skies.
I used to gaze at the ancient heavens with a broad smile on my face.

I nestled under that tall tree when the sun was at its zenith.
My ultimate joy was that slow running stream not far from my home.
That was my magnificent paradise.

I began to marvel at the awesome universe with its billions of stars and planets.
Each day I ate the sweet nectar of the flowers and plants.

I felt like a king on his mighty throne.
Then one day man came along.
And that was the end of my freedom.
No more would I smell that divine fresh air.

My once beautiful virgin ocean has now become so polluted with man’s filth.
The smog in the air chokes me.

As for me, they clipped my wings and put me in this steel cage.
They even tied these heavy shackles around my delicate feet.

O man what have you done to my world?
Around me, all that I see is piles and piles of your debris.
A tear falls down my face.

My home has become like one massive wasteland.
Do you honestly care?
You are the most selfish human race.
You only think about yourself and no one else

Those awesome Mountain Ranges where I used to have my breakfast in the mornings are now covered in thick black smoke.

You cannot even see it. Every day I am subjected to heavy machinery noises. It affects my hearing I’m sure.

So what can you say about all of this?
I guess not a word because you are speechless.
Why don’t you leave my world in peace?

But I guess you will always be here.
Maybe one day I will get my wings back.
And then I will fly away to some place where there’s peace and tranquility.
I hope I get there soon.