A question that has plagued mankind for centuries; when am I free? 

A man talks about freedom, but freedom from what?

Since the dawn of creation, men were slaves to iniquity; an iniquity that will follow him to the grave and for all eternity.

I believe man will never be free because he carries the past on his shoulders like a second skin.

Not even the dead are free because they carried their iniquity to their eternal resting place that is the sands of Mother Earth.

Those shackles will always bound man no matter where he goes or where he lives. 

Every day I see a man’s weary face, not a smile creases his lips. All I see are those dark clouds hovering over him.

Not even a priest can absolve him from his insurmountable iniquities.  

Think about this, let’s say you spend five years in prison, once you are released, you may think in your mind that you are free, but in reality, you are not. 

People will always judge you or criticize you because it is in their nature. They will always point that sword at you.

Those shackles will always be there binding you even in death. Not even the saints were free because of their trials and tribulations that they had in this life.

They rose above their hardships with a pure heart of humility and never judging others.

There is no such thing as true freedom no matter who you are. We are all bound to the shackles of our iniquity. 

Truthfully, we can only live our lives as best as we can instead of judging others and what they do wrong. First, rectify what you are doing and then move on.

Don’t hide your face or your guilt behind that invisible face mask because trust me people can see right through you. 

This world is already so full of pretentious people. They want man to admire their good deeds, but behind their backs, there is always some kind of hidden agenda.

My advice to you is just to live your life in peace.