Since childhood, I began searching this vast world and the eternal universe for true peace, but nothing could satisfy my hunger for the kind of peace I was after.

Wherever I resided no city could give me that kind of peace no matter where I lived.

Every day was a battle for me. I wasn’t fighting with my fellow man, but myself.

The burning desire to find that peace, began to haunt me like a ghost of yesteryear.

I began to read many books in my spare time; even the Good book but to no avail! I still couldn’t find the peace that I so yearned for.

So I have to be content with the fact that I would always be that eternal rolling stone. In truth, I was weary from going from one city to another one in search of this peace that has always eluded me.

Even my beloved virgin ocean that I love with all my heart couldn’t give me that peace!

I was one lonely soul with no joy in my life! I was just another wretched, tired soul.

No mortal man could bring me comfort or tell me where to find that peace. 

Mother Nature began to ridicule me with her violent and cruel storms. I had nowhere to lay my head. Wherever I went, they chased me away as if  I had some kind of disease.

No one wants to converse with me, they prefer to run away. 

I hope that I find that peace somewhere in this vast world of ours.