Even though President Donald J. Trump has been impeached for a second time during his 4 years, I think we have it all wrong.

I don’t care for Trump, but his actions and views, both before and during his Presidency, have been consistent with his beliefs.

He was also what America needed to shake-up the foundations of what many people believed was a decent, non-racial, equal society.

Movements such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Me Too,” cried out at the racism, sexism and gender-based violence that plagued our society for decades, but was largely ignored. There was Jeffrey Epstein, a vile sexual predator who was friends with Trump. They were friends, not only because of the photos and videos linking the two of them, but also the testimony and allegations from victims. Whilst I don’t wish to rehash the Epstein story, I wanted to draw your attention to what Trump doesn’t say more than what he says.

As a man of influence, given that he is well known both as a businessman, a reality show star and the President of the United States of America, he never publicly denounced Epstein and the allegations against him. He decided instead to publicly dismiss and minimise the victims’ allegations, including those about him.

When The Black Lives Matter Movement held, mostly peaceful rallies and protests throughout America, Trump denounced the “violent” protests.  It left no doubt that he didn’t believe, or chose not to believe, that black people were being killed, assaulted, arrested, and so on by brutal, and racist police officers. 

He then decided to call in the National Guard to “deal with the violence.” In doing so, once again, as with Epstein and countless others, he placed America on “notice;” leaving little doubt that they were dealing with a racist, sexist, patriarchal narcissist, who had every intention of running the country like his “homestead.”

I started this article by saying, “Trump is right,” and I believe that he was indeed so because he stripped away the veneer of “decency.”

For too many centuries, white people, whose ancestors have a history of colonizing countries, including America, refused to see themselves as violent. They would brutally murder, rape, steal, enslave, and oppress black and brown people, while sitting in their finest clothes, sipping high tea. The white supremacists would have endless fun laughing, while a black person was left dying, lynched by them. This was done, including all atrocities throughout colonial history to the present day, by “normalizing” “white” hate.

When Trump incited the right-wing Americans to march to Capitol Hill and be “strong” and take back what was “stolen” from them, all he did was rip off the thin layer of decency that for centuries successfully managed to conceal what lay beneath the surface.

And beneath the surface were the same vile, violent racists and right-wing “colonisers,” who had the same “agenda” as their forefathers.

I am consoled that black and brown people are finally dealing with people that have shown us their level of hate and for that I think Trump was right. Although, I am deeply saddened by the loss of life that day.

So, yes, I have to thank Trump because now at least, I know what we are dealing with. I know that it is not black and brown peoples “delusions,” of how much we are hated by white supremacists! It’s no longer a figment of black and brown peoples imagination to understand that the world follows a systemic racism order and because of it, white people will always have the “upper” hand with regards to employment, housing and freedom to move about freely. This happens in areas they had “originally designated,” for people of colour.

Because of the racism and violence currently occurring, this is an ideal time to overhaul the system; and give all people, regardless of the colour of their skin or their gender, the opportunities afforded to white people only! The time is ripe to have these difficult conversations about race and racism. The time is now for white people who declare themselves “non-racist,” to loudly condemn and denounce racist acts and educate them about racism.

Impeaching Trump won’t make a difference to how people feel. White supremacists will only feel as if they were “cheated” out of their “hero,” perhaps leading to an increase in the violence we witnessed on the 6th January 2021.

Yes, Trump should be impeached, but a lot more needs to happen as he is after all only one citizen in a few days and many citizens think like him or worse.