To most of us, this song represents lovemaking with that special person in your life. And you might be right. The late Teddy Pendergrass knew how to turn a woman on.

But it isn’t about romantic moments! How long must this country be plunged into total darkness before they get it right?

The powers that be couldn’t give a damn as long as they have their share. For year’s this country was at the mercy of incompetent workers. 

They spin you the longest yarn ever, but we are so gullible to believe their words that spew from their lying mouths.

When darkness falls, crime lurks in every corner of those streets. Those two hours drag on as if eternity was upon us. 

And we are waiting for our just reward from our creator whether it’s final damnation or heavenly bliss.

Even the graveyards are plunged into darkness, silence, where nobody dares utter a word. Only the eternal universe greets them.

A man prays for light but nothing is forthcoming. Only darkness that breathes upon them.

What crime did this country commit? 

Its iniquities lie frozen in their humble abode. Still, they wear that invisible mask glued to their skin.

Honesty is far from their mortal mouths. They rather whisper in secret what their devious plans are.

They always put the blame on someone else doorstep not their own. How hypocritical can you be? 

Every home you look at has candles burning, but no sound coming forth.

The streets that were once bustling with laughter and games lay silent as if at rest.

All that can be heard are the sounds of heavy breathing and moans as I walk from room to room. 

Only the stench of heavy tobacco smoke greets me.

Who knows one day they will get it right, then we, as humans will celebrate the joy of lights. But for now, only the coldness warms our souls.