For some time now I have always pondered over this and what it means? 

So my journey began to find the answer to my dilemma. Every day all over this world man reads various newspapers but is that the whole truth in that paper? 

Man is so gullible they believe anything that is written in newspapers often without asking any questions. 

Whatever is written or reported is the “law” and we must believe it. What if it was not true and it was mere sensationalism just to 

gain popularity or viewership?

In truth, I always came up against a blank wall. Then one day I picked up a coin and began to study it intensely- as if I was going to study for my master’s degree at university. 

As I began to study it all I saw was heads and tails and nothing else. But days later that coin reminded me of guilty or innocent. Guilty in terms of we are to blind to see and the real truth of what is written in those papers or magazines. 

We only want to see what we want to see, instead of looking beyond that. So we basically send the innocent to prison.

Yes, a coin can reveal a lot of things about who you are! So before you believe anything that is written wherever first learn the truth because every person is guilty of something and let’s not be so quick to judge others.