Though one world was created to my mind, we live in two worlds one of true beauty and the other one of untold cruelty.

Everyone one of us wants to live in a world of true beauty where the world runs smoothly and no man is short-changed but it is impossible. 

Since the dawn of man, those two worlds existed because of man’s ways of thinking. These two worlds will never ever be one. Maybe it was one when it was first created.

Now it’s divided by man’s distorted ideologies. Man’s greed for power and money means the more he has the more he wants. Never if he tramples on the feet of the truly destitute. He takes won’t don’t belong to them.

His self-righteous image is so plastered on his face that even he cannot see it because they are to blind to see it.

They rule this world with an iron fist or rod.

Even Nature runs far from this kind of teaching. Their crimes lie at their very feet they don’t care who they harm in the process they talk as if they have a double-edged sword in their mouths

No man is truly free those invisible chains still today choke the very lifeblood out of them.  Not even the full cemeteries want their dead bodies.

Everything that he speaks man takes it like a pinch of unused salt that must be thrown away.

Even their souls are tainted with this terrible guile or guilt they have no means of removing it for it is there till eternity and beyond. 

Their judgments are as harsh as an unseen python ready to pounce on you.

Every man wears that invisible mask on his face they don’t want man to see the real person in truth they have two kinds of faces that they portray to the world out there. 

There will always be injustices in this world because of the strong the weak will never compare to them. If one world is possible in this lifetime then I will be amazed but for now, it’s purely a dream that must still be realized somehow or the other. Because to mind, we will never be able to sit around one table and that is the honest fact because we all don’t think alike.