In South Africa, when you vote, you are agreeing to the following: 

1. The negotiated settlement of 1994, that placed a premium on the systemic continuation of white privilege and the security of the generational wealth amassed by the white oligarchy during colonialism and Apartheid.

2. The contractual, yet illegal control the Washington Consensus exercises over the state through its bandit arm, the IMF.

3. The maintenance of a “peasant” black class worthy only of cheap, bachelor hovels euphemistically called RDP houses.

4. The slave wages paid to the poor that traps them in a system of debt peonage.

5. The control of the 35 banks by the white capital class in a majority-black country.

6. The control of more than 65% of the land, both farming and commercial by the white capital class.

7. The implicit maintenance of white supremacy, whiteness and racism facilitated by a cooperative, supine ANC and it’s billionaire oligarch partners.

8. The existence and growth of alt-right organisations like Afriforum, hell-bent on the maintenance of white privilege and the disruption of black lives.

9. The illegal exportation of almost R40 billion annually in funds needed to grow the economy, and facilitated by the SARB and the big white-owned banks.

10. The financial controls the white capital class and the billionaire oligarchy exercises over the state, in respect of policymaking.

11. The systemic theft of valuable state resources by the ANC and it’s politically connected pals.

12. The continued enrichment of a cabal of white and black politically connected cohorts by the ANC.

13. The systemic theft of valuable natural resources by the ANC and it’s politically connected pals.

14. The hollowing out of the natural resources of South Africa by the ANC and it’s billionaire oligarch partners.

15. The by now systemic criminality of all the government departments and SOE’s, for the explicit benefit of a few ANC cadres. 

16. The war-like state of crime in South Africa.

17. The war-like state of gender abuse in South Africa.

18. The continued, routine murder and rape of our womenfolk.

19. The poor infrastructure of the country.

20. The poor levels of education in the country.

21. The abuse and murder of black African immigrants.

22. The systemic joblessness amongst black people.

23. The corporate abuse our black and brown people experience daily (Clicks is a recent example).

24. The increasing militancy of the farm murders/white genocide (groups) proponents.

25. The distortion of the real history of South Africa and all our peoples by the ANC and it’s billionaire oligarch pals.

26. The acceptance of shockingly poor levels of local, provincial and national governance.

27. The ascendence of people to the position of President of the country with questionable morals and shady pasts.

28. The outrageous salaries and emoluments our parliamentarians vote for themselves, whilst our people wallow in genocidal conditions of poverty.

29. The dictatorial attitude of an ANC government awash with hubris and disdain for its own electorate, (almost hatred).

30. The excessively high levels of drug abuse and addiction in our communities.

31. The local and international criminal gangs and cartels that subject our people to a state of siege in their communities.

32. The “cut and paste” neoliberalist constitution wholly unsuited to the needs of our people.

33. The exploitative economic system of extractive, heterotopian, patriarchal, white supremacist, patrimonial, megalomaniacal, feral neo-capitalism.

34. The continuation of socioeconomic Apartheid against black people.

35. The 4th world state of our health services.

36. The wholesale denial by the state that our black people deserve financial restitution for the crimes and larceny of colonialism and Apartheid.

37. The outstanding national issue of returning stolen land to its rightful owners, the black people of South Africa.

38. The low levels of state engagement with the peoples of South Africa.

39. The continued use of Apartheid planning models in respect of where our black people should live.

40. The shockingly poor state of the national roads and transportation systems.

41. The continued harassment and murder of our black population by a militarized police force.

42. The notion that somehow we need only get to the false “Mandelan” “Rainbow nation” concept again and all will be well with us as if it ever was.

43. The abuse of black people’s compassion, empathy and patience in respect of the “better life for all,” ANC trope. 

44. The low levels of our government pension payouts whilst members of parliament are treated and remunerated like royalty.

45. The continued high levels of deaths from poverty, malnutrition and preventable diseases among our black people.

46. The increasing proto-fascism of the ruling ANC.