Voting in our sixth democratic election can either be seen as a blind gamble, like the lotto or making an educated investment in the stock market, depending on whether voters apply their minds or not.

Judging from the comments of the lay public and educated journalists, the general mood of most voters is that they are angry, totally apathetic and uncertain about which party to vote for because they have lost all faith in our politicians.
Politicians have earned the ignominious reputation as downright liars just to get people’s votes and who can blame them?

This negative view of politics and politicians explains why ten million unemployed youth, who are eligible to vote did not register and why almost six and a half million registered voters will not cast their vote in this election.
This means that the future of our country will depend on the votes of about fifteen million out of the total of 30 million voters that could have taken part in this election.

The general view about our politicians amongst the voting public is pretty accurate because it is no secret that entering politics for the majority of our politicians means either wealth or absolute poverty.

Many of these politicians do not have much by way of skills or knowledge to earn a living outside of politics.

Julius Malema is an example of a successful politician because he has all the traits and tools of a selfish politician to get his desired goal of becoming the president of the country.

He is charismatic. He is an excellent orator, who can speak without a script to suit the audience in front of him.
He says many conflicting things at the same time and will justify whatever he says. He has no qualms about lying to his doting followers that he will solve all their problems.
In his final electioneering hour, he pulled out all the stops and stooped to rousing his followers to bring about anarchy.
It is common knowledge to him and many who know him that he cannot deliver on his promise of increasing the country’s GDP to ten percent but he just couldn’t care.

South Africans should control their anger and emotions when they go to the polling stations.
It is not about voting for a party they like, it is about voting for what’s best for the country nationally and provincially.

If we give our vote for Ramaphosa, we will have a stable government. A strong Ramaphosa will give him and the revitalised Hawks, NPA and SARs to get rid of the corrupt from his government and outside his government. This is the hour he has been waiting for.

The corrupt in his government, who are hell bent on removing him, are extremely fearful of his actions after the elections.

He has made it clear that he plans to go after the corrupt because he realizes that the public are fed up with the slow pace of justice when it comes to dealing with government corruption. He needs to act.
Before the elections, he has to please his party, after the elections, he will have to please the electorate or face the wrath of civil society organizations, who will watch him with eagle eyes.

A stable government under Ramaphosa, will prevent us from descending into junk status. This in turn will improve investor confidence in our country to stimulate job creation.

The threat about Ramaphosa being recalled is a mere threat to scare voters. There is no way that the ANC can recall him so easily.
In the five years of his term, he has sufficient time to incarcerate all those in the Zuma faction that are trying to unseat him.
A strong Ramaphosa will leave the red berets howling, insignificantly, in the opposition benches and that is where they ought to be.

The second scenario, which will be disaster for the country is if Ramaphosa forms a coalition government with the EFF.

IF that happens, we will be reduced to junk status and Ramaphosa will become a compromised president, with the risk of the Zuma faction taking over and we all know what that will mean for the future of this country.

Provincially, the ANC, with its dismal and corrupt track record, are not worth voting for.

So, whether you vote or not, the future of our country can be secured if we vote with our heads and not our hearts.

(All views and opinions expressed is of Dr. EV Rapiti)