Part I:

The vast majority of white people in South Africa naively believe that, though the system of Apartheid was cruel and discriminated against black people, the National Party were by and large an honest bunch of overzealous- sometimes mislead, admittedly racist nationalists-but God-fearing people nonetheless. 

They are horrified, (and rightfully so), by the daily reports of corruption, theft and criminal activities by the black ANC led government. Some even yearn for the good old times when the Afrikaner ruled because at least they could be held accountable, especially from a financial and fiduciary perspective. The question is, was it so, or is it a combination of the corporate media blind to, or hiding white malfeasance and academics not delving sufficiently into the misdeeds of the successive Apartheid governments?

Assumption 1: White supremacy and racism are socioeconomic constructions designed, built and maintained for the explicit acquisition (read theft and larceny) of power, resources and money- then this puts a very different spin on the reasons Apartheid existed in the first place?

Assumption 2: The indigenous peoples that own the land are the only, and ultimate beneficiaries of the natural resources and bounty that land has to offer, without exception?

Based on the above assumptions, then colonialism and later Apartheid are merely cleverly spun vehicles backed by religion and pseudo sciences for the large scale theft of both land and its resources on an industrial scale. 

In other words, it’s hard to accurately quantify the scale of the theft of both the indigenous land and resources from the aboriginals from the Americas, the adjoining islands, Asia, South-East Asia, Australia and indeed Africa. 

Let’s drill down to South Africa and see if, indeed, Apartheid was merely an extreme system of racial discrimination-or if there are other objectives to the colonisation of South Africa, and later its capture via the “system” of Apartheid.

It has been estimated that since the arrival of the Europeans, the value of gold and diamonds stripped (read stolen) from the Kimberley diamond mines and the gold mines on the Witwatersrand are 14.5 million carats and $40 Trillion adjusted for inflation as at today’s price.-This excludes the theft of land from the indigenous black people that is the geometric equivalent of Egypt post the Lands Act of 1913. 

The 1930’s invention of the “Job Reservation Act” No 77 of 1957, which was recommended by Frederic Keppel of the Carnegie Commission after they studied the so-called, “poor white” problem in South Africa, was another clever way of stealing millions of labour hours and lives from black people- forced to work on the mines by the “Hut Tax” of the 1850s onwards that compelled black people to work to pay a fictitious tax simply for living, again, it’s hard to accurately quantify or establish the exact economic and financial values.

Given that the total body of laws and jurisprudence totalled more than 17 000+ colonialists and Apartheid legislation, statutes and ordinances, we will later see how these laws provided the near-perfect environment for white people, both locally and internationally to excel economically at the expense of the black and brown population of South Africa…